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For Better Sleep Avoid These Foods

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You might not think that what you eat will affect the quality of your sleep, but there are a number of foods (and beverages) that can interfere with your shut-eye. This list is our pick of top foods that affect sleep in a negative way. Steer clear of these before bed for restful and restorative sleep.

Chocolate – While you may think that there is an insignificant amount of caffeine in chocolate, it’s still enough to keep you awake at night.

High-fat foods – Foods high in unhealthy fats tend to digest slowly disrupting the body’s circadian rhythm if consumed too close to bedtime. Additionally high-fat high-protein diets have been linked with sleep apnea.

Alcohol – that nightcap is interfering with your REM sleep and impeding your body’s repair and restoration that happens during this important sleep time. Alcohol is also a strong muscle relaxant and can lead to an increase in snoring. Even your trusty anti-snoring, snore no more ring may not be able to help then.

Spicy food – Indigestion, heartburn and restless sleep can come from lying down too soon after eating a spicy meal. Additionally too much spice has been shown to reduce the number of hours slept and it can raise your body’s core temperature which has been linked with poor sleep quality.

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